Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wonderland Refugee

Gone forever was the flaxen-haired innocent in her precious blue and white pinafore. Her hair was now a shaggy black mane and she had ample evidence to indicate draperies made suitable attire with a bit of work. 

The past ten years seemed a blurred nightmare to her. Though whatever was in the caterpillar’s hookah kept her too stoned to struggle when the two obese brothers “tweedled” her every night, she still dreamed of escape. 

Stepping through the portrait frame, she knew it was likely not the way home but at least it was the first step to leaving Wonderland behind.

This story was written for the weekly Visual Dare flash fiction prompt: emerging.


  1. This is scary stuff Jeff. Yes that wonderland was not a place to stay.

  2. Brilliant, always wondered how it turned out for Alice!

  3. I think everyone would like to leave wonderland behind sometimes.. Great story.

  4. This is the best take on the prompt that I've seen.

    Well played, sir!


  5. Brutal and beautifully played. This is certainly not the Wonderland that everyone wants to visit...but where Alice is still strong enough to escape. Great work!