Saturday, March 30, 2013

Faith Meets Luck.

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The dusty road sign read Serendipity Springs - 5 miles. His father had always said there was no substitute for hard work. Obviously a bit of faith and dumb luck didn’t hurt either. 

This story was written for the weekly Trifextra Writing Challenge. The challenge was to create a story of 33 words incorporating an idiom. Just for fun, I opted to make this a continuation/resolution of my entry: Serendipity Springs Eternal.


  1. Dumb luck always strikes me dumb haha :D Great piece!

  2. I never understood why we called luck dumb. Really, when you think about it - shouldn't it be pretty much the opposite?

  3. 5 miles is a lot of hard work. I've always heard you make your luck but I have always thought some of the luck we are able to make is luck in itself. Nice piece.

  4. Loved the way you continued your story so seamlessly,using this weekend's prompt,great piece:-)