Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fire And Ice Revisited

From within the secure environs of the Command Bunker, he sat in numbed silence as Armageddon began. He’d never had any delusions his work in high-yield energy sources did not have military applications. Still and all, he had believed the potential benefits his discoveries offered to a world plagued by ever-diminishing resources outweighed any potential risks. 

As the hideous weapons set the world aflame with a voracious intensity he knew quite capable of entirely consuming the very atmosphere, he realized he was witnessing a true extinction-level event firsthand. His mind began to slowly but inexorably unhinge and he found himself unable to do anything but repeatedly mutter the lines of an old Frost poem. 

This story was written for the weekly Five Sentence Fiction flash fiction prompt: fire.


  1. Powerful stuff, the idea of watching humanity become extinct, especially so because of the actions of one person.

  2. A very powerful and intense piece of fiction! I love the ending. Well done.

  3. Intense is a good way to describe this piece! It would be a crushing thing to watch what you've built to help the world destroy it. Nicely done!!!

  4. Wow; this is intense- the end of the world and unable to do nothing about it. . . . and knowing it's down to you. Very powerful stuff. x