Friday, March 22, 2013

Josiah Teague: Territorial Agent VIII

Teague had one option he was nearly certain would resolve the obvious inconsistencies. Before tech had rendered the practice obsolete, BPA agents had kept handwritten field journals. Teague would get them from the crypts and reconstruct the records. 

Within an hour of beginning the herculean task, he stopped. He’d stumbled upon something too glaring...too…odious to be a simple omission. It was in the journal of Buckwald "Bucky" Beaverton, the very first Territorial Agent assigned to the Lost Valley Vamps.

Beaverton had performed a comprehensive census of the reservation vamps, indicating a total of 437 subjects. The lists were organized by clan for the Long Fang, Night Wing and Silver Skull clans. Silver Skull clan? No...wait…there were only two clans in Lost Valley, not...Ohmigod!

This snippet was selected for the weekly Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday Snippet and is from a work in progress, Josiah Teague: Territorial Agent (a paranormal Western)  Previous snippets in this series may be viewed here.


  1. Hmm...I wonder what happened to the Silver Skull clan. Interesting development.

  2. oops. they lost a WHOLE CLAN? Government cuts to the census workers? What? :)

    1. Oh, I have a sinking feeling they know exactly where the missing clan is ;)

  3. This is getting weird. I like it! My curiosity is piqued, especially after last week's snippet.

  4. Zoinks! A whole clan is missing? Like, run for your lives!

    I enjoyed the way the inner monologue came across at the end of the snippet.

  5. And how long has this cover-up been going on?

  6. Uh oh! A missing vampire clan?

    This is great stuff. I really want to read this story!

  7. Oh noo!! The plot thickens!! I get the feeling something nasty happened...

  8. That's it! I wanna read the whole thing! lol. This is awesome, Jeffrey!