Friday, March 15, 2013

Lions And Lambs

Photo courtesy Ardelfin
The Reapers had been relentlessly pursuing him for weeks before he’d grown too tired to run from them any longer. He supposed he should feel flattered they’d thought it necessary to summon a full-fledged Collector to ensure his compliance. 

While Cade understood the Law requiring euthanasia at age 35 was driven by the need to ration the world’s diminishing resources, there was a vast difference between understanding and acceptance. He’d always known, in his heart of hearts, when his time came he would be incapable of complacently reporting to one of the Centers and surrendering himself to the will of the state.

Unassailable sadness filled Cade as he realized the somber trio advancing toward him would never understand his defiance of them. Not all men were sheep who went to the slaughter willingly. Amongst the sheep there would always be lions and lions must be hunted before they were taken.

This story was written for the weekly Flash! Friday micro fiction challenge.

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  1. A nice Logan's Run vibe to this. Would be fun to see the hunt.