Sunday, March 24, 2013

Promises To Keep

To pass the time, Ramona lay immobile, trying to recall if this was the sixteenth or seventeenth time she’d died in service to the Confederation. She didn’t suppose it really mattered. That would all be covered in her debriefing. At least her latest death would be no more a permanent condition than the previous cases. 

It was called Project Doppelganger. Her consciousness transferred to an android host body, she was sent off to wreak whatever havoc on the Alliance her handlers required. In a perfect world, she would return intact from each mission but that was seldom, if ever, the case.

Waiting for Command to transmit the recall code, she would have wept from the accumulated horror, pain and futility of the war if she’d had tear ducts available to do such.

After what seemed an eternity the key phrase “miles to go before I sleep” suffused her thoughts and she was whisked away home.

This story was written for the weekly Saturday Sunday Tails flash fiction challenge for the prompt phrase: "miles to go before I sleep".

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