Thursday, March 14, 2013

Replanting The Garden

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Millicent lived in a time when proper women did as they were told, thought as they should think and had the good sense and decorum to not question the established order of things. She occupied her days in quiet repose and literary reflection creating no discord within the suburban paradise of her family home. 

It was on a day much like any other, as she perched precariously atop a ladder dusting the volumes of her father’s personal library, she discovered the curious and forgotten book secreted on the topmost shelf.

Within its pages she found a most unusual assortment of arcane spells, curious potion recipes and magical rituals that, were they to be believed, would empower her to do the most unbelievable and remarkable of things.

While she could scarcely imagine how such a bizarre tome had found its way here, a mischievous smile stole across her lips, contemplating how very different her world would be once she had made just a few adjustments to the established order of things.

This story was written for the weekly Five Sentence Fiction flash fiction prompt: paradise.


  1. I really like this but I want the rest of the story please! :)

  2. LOLOL. That's all there is. I promise

  3. Well done! I love the little twist.

  4. I like the way Millicent thinks! Also, I'm with Kate...this just leaves me wanting to know what she does first :) Awesome!!!

  5. Fantastic - her family needs to watch out!