Friday, March 15, 2013

Revenge By Gaslight

copyright Lora Mitchell

Easing the door open, she saw no sign of the room’s occupant. It was of no consequence that he was not there. It merely signified her slow methodical campaign to rob him of his sanity and, eventually, his life would continue awhile longer. 

Slipping into the room, she set about randomly moving items from one place to another, taking some and replacing them with something entirely different.

Satisfied her efforts would leave him sufficiently unnerved; she finished by placing the potted lilies on the window ledge...just as she had in the five previous cities she’d followed him to.

This story was written for the weekly Friday Fictioneers flash fiction prompt.


  1. Creepy! The man she's doing it to must be completely freaking out.

  2. I love it! Imagine being chased around by a pot of lilies! It would dirve anybody crazy. No wonder the tinfoil is so raggedy!

  3. Dear Jeffrey,
    A well written glimpse into the twisted mind of a stalker. One has to wonder about her reasons. Deliciously sinister.

  4. Brilliant take on the prompt - a crazy stalker - love it!

  5. I hope that stalker lady drops dead before she finish her ghastly task

  6. Ah, the joys of gaslighting. Good story.

    Here's mine:

  7. Wonder what he did to deserve this treatment. Yeah, this would certainly be an unnerving situation.

  8. Hahahahaha! Very good!