Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sweet Saturday Sample - Keldane The Cursed

Keldane huddled under the workbench in his father's laboratory and tried to do mental math (not his strong suit). His father, Kelimbor, THE most powerful mage their world had ever known, would return home in five days. Keldane weighed 112 pounds soaking wet (best not to dwell on why Keldane had occasion to be weighed soaking wet.) If he remained under the bench for the next five days with nothing to eat but the package of stale crisps he had found under there, how much weight would he lose? 

Keldane shook his head, dejectedly, and gave up on the calculations. No matter how many times he ran the numbers, he kept losing focus when he remembered the impressive list of laboratory rules Kelimbor had made him sign. Keldane was reasonably sure "NO food in the laboratory...ever." was either rule number two or three. So assuming he survived until his father's return he was dead anyway. This was actually NOT a comforting thought.

For perhaps the thousandth time (mental math again not being his forte) Keldane wished his two best (okay ONLY) friends, Desmond and Lydia were there to help him. For weeks now, they had been unusually otherwise busy every time they had been invited back to his family castle. This may have been a reaction to having been turned into a bullfrog and a large ginger cat by Keldane while doing their homework. While the fortuitous return home of Kelimbor had seen them sorted out in mere seconds, that only left them explaining why they had killed Barnabas, a trusted family servant of many years.

The fact Barnabas was an immense vampire bat intent on eating Desmond and Lydia seemed to carry no weight with the angry mage. He had whisked them back to their respective homes with an idle sweep of his hand. The other hand had been busy re-attaching the head of his loyal bat to its leathery shoulders.

This excerpt was selected for the Sweet Saturday Sample blog site. The sample is from my YA fantasy collection: Keldane The Cursed which is available on AmazonBNKobo, & Smashwords

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  1. Way to go, my friend! Great story by a great guy!