Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Temporal Complications

Janx sometimes wished he had more finite control of his spatial and temporal displacement abilities. In his defense, he’d seldom had need for such in the normal course of his field assignment. Sadly, an unfortunate incident at a café the day before had the carabinieri a bit too concerned with his whereabouts.
And so, he’d decided on the spur of the moment to merely be…elsewhere.

While he’d achieved that goal, he’d also, unfortunately, landed himself elsewhen. Sighing, he took a seat in the unfamiliar structure to wait for the world around him to catch up to his current temporal state.

This story was written for the weekly Visual Dare flash fiction prompt: waiting.


  1. Aha!! So he didn't hit his mark quite right. New adventures afoot...!

    I like the idea of him having to wait while the world catches up with HIM. You definitely have the sci-fi mind for this sort of intriguing storytelling...

  2. a SCI-FI ONE...! I bet he sighed! Nice take.

  3. little bit of time travel never hurt anyone :-) you do Sci-F well.