Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weathering Adversity

Janx had only rudimentary training in atmospheric manipulation and was, only now, realizing precisely how limited his expertise was. 

He was considerably displeased with the recent course of events. What had begun as a minor misunderstanding in a Venice street café had escalated to intervention by the local constabulary and segued into a miscalculated temporal displacement, culminating in his current predicament.

Protocols required him to regularly move his vessel to avoid accidental detection by the indigenous savages. As a result of opportunities lost to the temporal miscalculation, he would be obliged to relocate his ship under daylight conditions.

While the simplest solution was a bit of fog to obscure his activities, in actuality, he had produced a weather phenomenon considerably more…ambitious.

Janx hoped it would dissipate quickly since onboard sensors were, even now, alerting him to the imminent collision of no less than 17 native watercraft of considerable size. Damn!

This story was written for the weekly Visual Dare prompt: atmospheric. As an additional challenge to myself, I have been stringing my weekly contributions along. Previous entries relating to Janx may be found here and here


  1. I always enjoy the way you wield and weave your excellent vocabulary in your flash stories. Another one very, very well done!

  2. LOL! Love the literal interpretation of the "atmospheric" prompt. Once again, I feel that I could get lost in these worlds you conjure up....