Friday, April 26, 2013

Concept Meets Execution

photo courtesy Mensatic, Morguefile

“How the heck did you get that thing up in the tree anyway?” 

That’s hardly the issue. We finally have the means to put that damnable bluejay in his place once and for all. Well, not like we have all day, chap…up you go.”

“Wait. You want me to climb up that? Are you insane? You are, I assume, aware we are cats and do not have opposable thumbs? We’ll break our fool necks.”

“Oh, I’m not climbing. I’m a big picture type….an ideas man. I’ll leave the grunt work to you. Now, go on.”

Grumbling, Mittens began his ascent.

This story was written for the weekly Flash Friday flash fiction challenge photo prompt. 

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