Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Field Camoflage

This wasn’t the first time Janx had been required to appear before an adjunct disciplinary tribunal. Inconceivably unfortunate circumstances had tended to plague his career as a field researcher. In all fairness, his role in the sinking of nine of the indigenous savages’ seafaring vessels could hardly be overlooked by his superiors. It was the sheer indignity of it that irked him.

That an Enforcer escort had been sent for him was insulting. He could hardly avoid complying with orders. That he was being led to the meeting place in restraints was infuriating. Nothing in his career had given reason to indicate he posed a physical threat to his own people.

To ensure the pair drew no undue attention from the locals, his superiors had ordered him and the enforcer to assume inconspicuous native appearances for the trip. Janx waddled down the street wondering whose idea of “inconspicuous” this was.

This story was written for the weekly Visual Dare prompt: normalcy. As an additional challenge to myself, I have been stringing my weekly contributions along. Previous entries relating to Janx may be found herehere and here


  1. Shapeshifters, and a tribunal; excellent stuff and I like the names and terminology.

  2. Hilarious! Brilliantly written as always.

  3. LOL!! Not very inconspicuous!! Love all the double layering going on here, and I love too that we're getting more glimpses into Janx and his misadventures. Great work, as always!!

  4. He he, I can just imagine him in front of a tribunal...

  5. Your sentences roll in the most delightful way, Jeffrey. Wonderfully done :))

  6. At least they didn't make him wear a silly hat.