Saturday, April 20, 2013

Josiah Teague: Territorial Agent XI

Teague felt rather than saw the Vamps close ranks behind him. Off of his horse and standing amongst them…this was it…he was fully committed now. If things went badly, they would swarm him and he would die, no match for their superior speed and strength. Best get on with it then.

He kept his carriage tall and straight, surveying the tribe members cautiously. As he’d seen from above, they were mostly oldsters, women, and the young. Nearing the Vamp chief, he finally saw the warriors. There were scarcely a dozen of them, their muscles bunched, their crimson eyes showing contempt. He was very careful to present them no threat. They seemed ready to attack with the least provocation.

This snippet was selected for the weekly Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday Snippet and is from a work in progress, Josiah Teague: Territorial Agent (a paranormal Western)  Previous snippets in this series may be viewed here.

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