Saturday, April 20, 2013

Josiah Teague: Territorial Agent XII

He stopped precisely three paces in front of the Vamp chief and assumed their Posture of Submission. This involved extending his arms, palm up and bent downward at the wrist. He was figuratively offering his blood to the clans. He also bent low at the waist, his head down to expose the back of his neck. He was figuratively offering his head to the clans. He held the position nervously but resolutely. 

As ceremony required, the chief let Teague stand thusly but for perhaps a bit longer than was customary. With a loud clack of his jaws, the chief finally acknowledged the gesture and signaled Teague was free to stand at ease. He did, careful to keep his eyes locked with the chief's gaze. So far so good, he mused.

This snippet was selected for the weekly Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday Snippet and is from a work in progress, Josiah Teague: Territorial Agent (a paranormal Western)  Previous snippets in this series may be viewed here.

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