Friday, April 19, 2013

Long Before Kong

Trevor fumed, trying to find words to express the emotions overwhelming his normally placid demeanor. I mean, it was one thing to have your fiancĂ©e involved in the unseemly world of stage entertainment. But for her to be prominently featured on the front page of every newspaper in the city was…scandalous!

How she sat with such a vacant stare while she was the subject of such media frenzy was inconceivable to him? He still wasn’t clear on the details of how she’d come to be in such a situation to begin with. She’d told him she would be performing in a repertory revue in the Poconos and yet there she was being hauled up the side of the Empire State Building by some sort of giant…raccoon. 

As it turned out she was dancing in some tawdry burlesque house when the inexplicably-overgrown vermin had been drawn to the sparkle of her indecent costume. Why she’d been singled out would never be clear but she, most certainly, had cast herself into undesirable prominence. How could she not be…horrified…outraged?

Cecily’s senses scarcely registered Trevor’s tirade. As loudly as he might remonstrate, as excitedly as his finger might jab, she simply could not bring herself to care. There were matters of greater import. There were concerns that transcended whatever outrage this small, petty man might be evincing.

Of far, far greater concern to her was how best to capitalize on the unexpected windfall of exposure and publicity? Was Flo Ziegfeld in town to have seen the news? More importantly, was the man who’d contacted her by telephone truly involved in the motion picture business? And was he truly interested in…her? So many more important concerns than Trevor swirled in the mind of a woman determined to make the most of the bounty of chance.

This story was written for the Flash! Friday Fiction flash fiction challenge photo prompt. 

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