Friday, April 5, 2013

To Thine Own Self

Never live your life in service to the standards or the expectations of others. Live each and every day of your life as merely yourself and be wonderfully, individually and uniquely noone else…just…plain…you.

This was written for the weekly Trifextra Writing Challenge.  This week's prompt was to use 33 words to offer advice to others.  


  1. Hard to do at times, peer pressure especially when young or keeping up with the Jone'ses when older. Thankfully as we get that little more older, we are able to be be grumpy, be crude, wear un-colour coordinated clothes - because we have earned the right!
    Great 33 words.

  2. Much easier than people magazine darling of the year. Good advice.

  3. Just figuring out who that "you" is sometimes where the challenge lies...

    Nicely done!

  4. You have to be comfortable in your own skin. If you can manage that then, you are way ahead of the game in life.