Friday, April 5, 2013

Treasure Seekers' Travails

Milo calmed the skittish pack animals as his partner, Julius, dismounted from the back of a surly-looking camel. Milo stared, with unabashed amazement, at the assortment of treasure weighing down the mules. He should have learned, by now, to never doubt Julius’ sixth sense for finding such things. Eyeing the enormous hot air balloon swaying in the hot breeze, Julius was at a loss for words himself. 

“Umm, Milo, old chap? Didn’t I make myself clear we might need to beat a very hasty retreat from here? There’s a hundred or more exceptionally unhappy tribesmen hot on my heels. This is your idea of a speedy means of escape?”

Photo courtesy of Hans Braxmeier
“Here, now! It’s not as if the Royal Air Force has a full squadron on standby just around the bend! I got this beauty for a song and a shekel and she’s perfect. Silent as the Sphinx, won’t run out of petrol and all of the lift capacity you could ever ask for. I wonder sometimes why I – “

“Fine! Leave off and start loading!” Julius snapped. “Because, unless I am very much mistaken, your ‘beauty’ is not armor-plated now, is she?”

He began tossing the treasure aboard as the first bullets whizzed by their heads like so many angry hornets

This story was written for the weekly Flash Friday Fiction flash fiction photo prompt