Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Unsightly Oversight

As one of the most highly-regarded field researchers his people had ever produced, Janx was accustomed to an unquestioned autonomy from bureaucratic entanglements.

In all fairness, his current assignment had been fraught with unfortunate occurrences culminating in him…him…being compelled to appear before a disciplinary tribunal. His previously-impeccable academic standing coupled with his friendship with certain key individuals had spared him from serious punitive actions.

Nevertheless, he was to be placed under the operational supervision of two representatives of the Council whose concerns must be answered directly.

He waited at the coordinates specified for his taskmasters to be transferred planetside. He was unfamiliar with either of them but willing to keep an open mind. As their wavering forms coalesced, he saw they’d opted to maintain the appearance of indigenous children.

Allowing himself a fleeting break in discipline, he inwardly reflected on how these two made some damned creepy-looking children indeed!

This story was written for the weekly Visual Dare prompt: unanswered. As an additional challenge to myself, I have been stringing my weekly contributions along. Previous entries relating to Janx may be found herehere here and here