Friday, May 31, 2013

Book Promotion: A Year Of Horror

Many of you that follow or stop by my blog on a regular basis may not be aware that my wife Lisa McCourt Hollar is an exceptionally talented and prolific writer of some very scary horror literature. Her delightfully twisted imagination never ceases to amaze me with what can emerge from it. (Usually whatever emerges has fangs, claws, tentacles or something equally icky.)

Lisa also has some wicked skillz at promoting her books and this blog post is my way of bringing her latest idea to the attention of as many potential readers as possible.  Lisa is currently running an excellent promotion we all know as a BOGO (Buy One Get One) where, with any of her books you purchase, you receive a second book of equal or lesser value for FREE. You can check out her books on her website at Jezri's Nightmares

Now comes the really innovative promotional idea. It is one rapidly gaining popularity and which I think may very well be the new face of independent writer marketing. Lisa is listing her books through Payloadz which allows readers to purchase books directly through the author's website with all transactions processed via PayPal. This cuts out a step or two in the royalties process common to e-books and lets the author reap immediate profits. Immediate profits are always nice, eh? 

Let me wind up this post with a shameless plug for Lisa's mega-anthology A Year Of Horror.  This is an awesome collection of FIVE books including SEVENTY stories of very freaky, mind-boggling horror. While this book is normally priced at a (very fair) $9.99, today and TODAY ONLY it is selling for $3.99!!  Once you add in the fact purchasing this book entitles you to another FREE book, it is a heckuva deal.

Now, a short excerpt from one of the stories in A Year Of Horror...The Rat King

"GET THE HELL AWAY FROM US!" I screamed, stomping my feet as they tried to claw their way up my pants. Some of them were trying to chew their way through my jeans while others were keeping their eye on the prize and working their way up my clothes towards my sister.

Hanging onto Faye I reached down and grabbed one off of me and flung it across the room. It made a satisfactory sound as it hit the wall. But there were too many of them to fight off and I was beginning to feel the pain in my leg and arms as their teeth found their way to my flesh. I had to get help.

I tried to flee the room but found the door blocked by the biggest sewer rat I had ever seen. This thing was man sized. I know you are going to say that is impossible and that rats that big don't exist, except for in movies. But I'm telling you they do. For a moment I was reminded of the R.O.U.S's from Princess Bride, but I quickly came to the conclusion that this creature was nothing like the rodents Wessely and Buttercup had encountered in the Fire Swamp.

Scary stuff, huh? Now go forth and buy a copy and you can get the rest of this story and a ton of other great reading.

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