Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Oblatum Occasionem Tene

Janx materialized in the shadowed alleyway and took a moment to evaluate this most recent development. On a purely theoretical basis, he supposed he should feel badly for abandoning Talanda but he fought down the urge to do so.

Janx liked to think one of the things that had made him such a successful field operative was his ability to banish emotions and work in a thoroughly detached and dispassionately analytical manner. In all fairness, she should have realized, by assisting him, she’d violated the Universal Law: no good deed can go long unpunished. 

The Council had, it seemed, dispatched an entire Harpy Squad to bring them into custody and the hellishly beautiful harridans had descended on them with brutal efficiency.

Recognizing the greater threat Talanda posed, they’d focused their attack on her permitting Janx to flee relatively unhindered. Never one to overlook an opportunity, he assumed Talanda would understand.

This story was written for the weekly Visual Dare flash fiction prompt: flight of fancy. As a personal challenge, I have been stringing the prompts from week to week into an ongoing story. This marks the 12th such and previous installments may be found here


  1. I really should catch up with the rest of Janx's adventures, I've dipped in here and there, but I liked this as a stand alone piece - what a cad for deserting Talanda!

  2. As always, I really enjoyed the story and your trademark rhythmic phrasing.

    And yes, poor Talanda! Janx's assumption is most certainly hopeful, yet most probably incorrect :)))

  3. Somehow poor Janx is not only getting into deeper and deeper trouble with each episode, but making more enemies as he goes along....such a delicious tale to read! So glad that you're still adding onto his misadventures! I hope he's hiding very well from the harpies...they have a way of finding you out. :)