Friday, June 7, 2013

Josiah Teague: Territorial Agent XV

His greeting concluded, he awaited the ritual response from the Chief. Of all of the possible scenarios he might have conceived of, it was hardly one he could ever have expected.

The Chief looked him up and down critically before speaking, "Throat Render am I. Chief and Elder of these the remnants of Clans Long Fang and Night Wing am I. Trust or believe you I do not. Speak for yourself will you to the Humans. Labor for your betterment will you. Your blood is thin and weak. Your honor is as without substance as are our dreams we will ever rule these lands again as was our right. Thus speak I, Throat Render, Chief."

This snippet was selected for the weekly Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday Snippet and is from a work in progress, Josiah Teague: Territorial Agent (a paranormal Western)  Previous snippets in this series may be viewed here.

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