Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Unconventional Relief

Janx despised the inevitable after-effects of using chronometric goggles. While he had acquired the desired information, it was not without cost. The temporal radiation the device emitted left him with a headache of such intensity it would have vaporized a being of lesser magnificence than him.

He wanted nothing more than a suitably-sumptuous meal, a sauna bath and days of uninterrupted sleep. Sadly, circumstances permitted him greasy takeout pizza and a lukewarm shower in his shabby hotel. As for the restorative embrace of slumber, he had little doubt Talanda would muck that up for him. 

His painfully-bloodshot eyes came to rest on the scarred upright piano in the corner of the room and, though he was uncertain such a primitive instrument would work, Janx balanced his bare feet on the tenuous surface of the keyboard. Xankelian tonal acupressure was just what he needed to soothe both his mind and body.

This story was written for the weekly Visual Dare flash fiction prompt: precarious. As a personal challenge, I have been stringing the prompts from week to week into an ongoing story. This marks the 15th such and previous installments may be found here.


  1. Janx appears! He's been missed :)) As always, your fluid, imaginative writing creates an intriguing story. Well done, you!

  2. Ah another type of massage! Very creative!

  3. Love Janx! Xankelian tonal acupressure...I could do with some of that...but, no piano here!

  4. haha, what a great idea - i want to try that out.
    beautiful flow of your words... they tumble down the page effortlessly.

  5. LOL!! Need I say that I love the ongoing Janx saga, and how you managed to twist the photo around for use in....acupressure?? Brilliant. And you wrote this while sleep deprived? Again, I am in awe. Thank you for spending some of your hard earned "off time" on another VisDare!