Thursday, July 11, 2013

Emotional Access Denied

He stared in silence at the weathered wooden doors, contemplating what a fine analogy they made for the relationship he’d shared with his father these last twenty years. Certainly, they posed a barrier, of sorts, but their efficacy was limited to inhibiting those who had no real desire to see what they guarded in any event.

The lock, while shiny and serviceable, was an equally-laughable deterrent as a smart rap with a hammer would rob it of any purpose and leave it disposed of and forgotten in the wintry mud.

How true it was that the metaphorical lock on his hardened heart could have been cast aside at any time and the wintery mud. imited to inhibersatz impediments of indifference and disappointment cast open for him to see inside.

Yet those barriers, whether tangible or imagined, whether necessary or pitiable were sufficient to bar him access to a man he might, in a more perfect world, have loved and respected and cherished before the bitter sting of Death made all such philosophical considerations moot.

This story was written for the weekly Five Sentence Fiction flash fiction prompt: locked. 


  1. Hello Jeffrey!

    This is the definitive choice of humankind, to close its poor means of communication even more! And family makes the stakes grow.

    There is a wonderful description of pain, pathos, and desire from a lone soul who would have wanted a better outcome.

    I like this tale! it is deep, and painful!

  2. I love this. It is a very deep, poetic and yes, philosophical piece.

  3. There are so many who remain locked away in their hearts...sadly realistic, but beautifully written!

  4. We do hold the key to most of our locked doors...whether or not we use them is sometimes a hard choice.