Thursday, July 4, 2013

Multiply And Conquer

Major Dmitri Vladislav Trigorin, 15th Undead Special Forces Brigade, hated having to do reinforcement missions but recognized they were not only necessary but vital to the continuation of the Cattle Wars. 

The damnable beasts continued to develop ever more lethal weaponry that was taking a heavy toll on the Vampiric ground forces. Ultraviolet beam weapons, aerosolized garlic bombs, and an exceptionally nasty arsenal of religious-based armaments were cutting a wide swath through his troops. Depriving the cattle of trained, combat-ready soldiers was, of course, necessary and in so doing also offered the Vamps an exceptionally easy means to swell their own ranks with newly-made undead.

Trigorin’s preternatural hearing detected the sound of wings as his advanced scouts landed and resumed their humanoid form. Within minutes, electronic mapping programs were updated with troop concentrations and locations, defensive emplacements and a dozen other items of pertinence to their mission. When the last bit of data was uploaded and confirmed…it was time.

Having risen through the ranks to achieve his command, Trigorin never deployed his troops without clear-cut, precise orders.

“This should be no more difficult than a moonlight stroll for us, men. What are we going to do? Simplicity itself. Find a warm body, fang ‘em and bag ‘em. By this time tomorrow, the cattle will know who the 15th USF is and…more importantly…they will know to fear us. Now, move out!”

With the silence of the grave rather than the raucous stupidity of cheers, the Vamps headed off into the night.

This story was written for the Thursday Threads weekly flash fiction challenge prompt: "Find a warm body."

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