Sunday, July 21, 2013


Edison had always used his arcane powers for the betterment of others…to enhance, to improve, and to empower. If, along the way, his methods had sometimes been a bit…unconventional then so be it. He made no apologies if others must be exploited for the achievement of his objectives. Most recently, his experiments with incandescent light had required such sacrifices be made.

He had lured the naivesn of an es to completionce.  indeed. operative  explorers from their home dimension with vague promises of wonders to be shared and treasures to be gained. In point of fact, he had only desired two things from these beings – their peculiar conveyance, its canopy filled with the swirling iridescent flame, and the secrets of how they had harnessed and contained such a wondrous power source.

That they had remained defiantly reticent and singularly uncooperative to their very deaths had been an unfortunate setback indeed. Still and all, he mused, the puzzle now lacked fewer pieces to completion.

This story was written for the weekly Saturday Sunday Tails flash fiction challenge prompt: iridescent flame.

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  1. Just the sort of story I have come to expect from you Mr Hollar with a protagonist full of contempt and a few deaths along the way - very well executed! ;-)
    Meanwhile mine has the undercurrents of a love story - lol!