Friday, July 12, 2013

The Provider

The Provider, his father insisted, was not to be questioned. Since time immemorial all of the People’s needs had been met. They lacked not for food or water or shelter and were even blessed with wondrous amusement objects The Provider gave. To doubt, to question, or to complain was to court The Provider’s wrath. And yet, Ethan did doubt, did question.

He had heard the Oldsters speak of a time when the Habitat of the People was a very different place indeed. They spoke of when the Abovespace parted and the land was inundated with “fresh air” and “sunshine”. They insisted there was an entire world beyond the Habitat and one even claimed to have once seen the hand of The Provider.

The time came when Ethan could no longer feign conformity. He must go out and learn the truth of the stories. That had been seventeen long days ago and for the first time on his Quest, Ethan let the poisonous seeds of doubt and despair blossom in his mind. The ever-present landscape of buildings continued on and onunbrroken and the abovespace remained a solid, unbroken blackness the Uncharty and headed off into the unknown.  belie and the Abovespace remained a solid, unbroken blackness. 

Photo courtesy of  David Mark, Pixabay
Bereft of hope, near-dead from thirst and hunger, he fell and did not try to get back up. At length, Ethan died and, with his last breath, he cursed The Provider as an evil and false god.

Later that day, Steve popped open the habitat lid. With an exasperated sigh, he reached in gingerly and removed the small body from the miniature cityscape. He couldn’t help but wonder what had led it to wander so far away from the others. Sometimes, keeping pets could be so frustrating.

This story was written for the Flash Friday flash fiction challenge photo prompt.

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  1. Ahaha! Poor fellow, I guess he shouldn't have had such a thirst for knowledge.