Saturday, July 13, 2013

Unbalancing Act

Lydia dry-swallowed her pills, grimacing at the unpleasant coppery aftertaste they left behind. She’d had the last two with a healthy swallow of bourbon, which had proven…unpleasant but what else was she to do? Everyone knew the government put experimental chemicals into the water supply so that was hardly an option. 

Chinese food…she needed Chinese food. Rubber ducks…now who ever came up with the idea of crafting ducks out of rubber? 

Caramel corn…hopscotch…jabberwocky…twaddle!

She could feel her tenuous hold on reality slipping away…again and didn’t much care that any semblance of lucidity was departing her locale on the 11:15 train to somewhere the Hell else…yep, it was egressing…shuffling off to Buffalo…leaving.

Delirium, dementia and psychosis were, after all, her three bestest besties in life and she certainly couldn’t afford to neglect her friends, now could she?

Tangerine…wiffle ball…skorts..cream cheese!

Yeah, she giggled, it was gonna be another one of those surreal Saturday nights in Lydialand. 

This story was written for the weekly Saturday Sunday Tails flash fiction challenge prompt; leaving delirium.

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