Saturday, August 3, 2013

Blood Price

That the invaders with the pale skin and fearsome weapons were capable of indescribable atrocities was not to be disputed. That the best way to deal with them was to awaken the Protectors was, most certainly, the most foolish of decisions. To rouse these spirits…these sleeping giants was to invite into the world a greater evil than that which the People currently faced.  Blood for blood had ever been the price for their aid. 

To High Priest Shadhri Amun, they brought she who had been chosen to entreat the Protectors and, with her life’s blood, secure their promise to intervene. She would not face him, would not listen to his pleas to abandon this madness and so, with tears in his eyes, he contented himself with braiding the Butterfly Talisman into her raven hair in the scant hope it would allow her spirit to float free once her supple, young body was bloody and broken.

This story was written for the weekly Saturday/Sunday Tails flash fiction challenge photo prompt and for the phrase prompt: sleeping giants. 

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