Friday, August 23, 2013

B.O.B And Weave

“I dunno, Sol, I dunno. I mean, for Malagor’s Sake, ya ain’t exactly givin’ me a whole lot of anything to work with, eh? Yeah…maybe…if I can…aww, I just dunno, Sol!” He punctuated his frustrations by tossing a large laser spanner into the electronic components on the workbench. 

“Aww c’mon, Weave. We’ve been stranded here damned near five cycles. This tournament pays a cool 5K credits to win. That would have us on the next ship out of here easy. The damned thing only has to fight half a dozen times…tops. There’s no way the natives got anything better to work with and they don’t have your boundless experience in cybernetic systems design and repair.”

Weaver knew his partner was feeding him a line but his expression still softened. With a grin, he slapped the younger man on the back.

“Okay, Sol. Get me some duritanium for the body panels and I’ll see if I can get B.O.B. ready in time for your fight.” 

Sol looked confused, “Bob? Who the blazes is Bob?”
y the Republic? s'on this mudball is listed as a "large laser spanner into the assembled components and growling under his breath.
before favoring Solomon with a jaundiced eye.

“Not Bob, you idiot…B.O.B. Can’t think of a better name since whatever I can come up with is gonna be a damned Bucket Of Bolts at best!”

This story was written for the Facebook Flash Fiction Friday flash fiction prompt: bucket of bolts.

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