Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bruin Bedtime Tales

The Flaxen-Haired One was a thief…despoiler of food and destroyer of furnishings. Shamelessly seeking rest from debauchery in the bed of an innocent, I say she deserved a worse fate than she received.

This story was written for the weekly Trifextra Writing Challenge. This week's challenge was to tell a children's bedtime story in 33 words exactly. I decided to go with the bears' version of Goldilocks. 


  1. If anything, this will teach kids some good vocabulary. This is funny and cute. Thank you for linking up!

  2. Seriously. I never did like that Goldilocks. Love the perspective and I love the use of flaxen-haired and debauchery. Excellent work!

  3. Seriously! Who just breaks into someone's home and settles in?