Friday, August 2, 2013

Defiance Cost

Photo courtesy: Bild Bundeesarchiv, WikiCommons

They were the best and the brightest minds our planet had to draw upon. While that would, in most circumstances, have assuaged our fears and bolstered our hopes, it did not. The simple and tragically-unavoidable reason for our continued discomfiture was that these geniuses…these mega-minds had absolutely and, unquestionably, no idea how to avert the impending disaster that threatened us.

Our doom was all but assured and there seemed little doubt we would, all too soon, join the behemoths of prehistoric times in the “Also Ran” category for “Dominate Life Form” of our world.

The Conquerors appeared above the planet with no warning and no question of their intentions. They demanded nothing less than our complete and utter surrender. They mandated our subjugation with no conditions offered and no promises made. We would comply or else.

When our leadership declined, we learned what “or else” entailed. Within moments after their refusal, the atmosphere began to…constrict. Whether it was from some sense of voyeuristic pleasure or of offering mankind the opportunity to reconsider, the process was slow but, ultimately, inexorable.

Thus were we to perish…slowly...painfully…fruitlessly. Little did it matter we faced our end with heads held high and our pride intact.

This story was written for the weekly Flash Friday Fiction flash fiction photo prompt.

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  1. That would be a rather horrid way to go. All those people who realized they had nothing to lose, acting out their fantasies…