Monday, August 5, 2013

Inner Ugliness

Magnus was a squat and grotesque parody of a man, resembling a baked potato with limbs. With a great billhook of a nose and a face like a meat pie left too long in the oven, his was not a pleasing visage. 

His enormous eyes were black as sin and heavy-lidded, giving the impression he was of a quiet, somnolent nature; the sort to sit in a corner, silent and insular, ruminating on the mysteries of the universe about him. But Magnus was not of a philosophical bent and no lofty thoughts whirled about his mind like some grand cerebral zephyr.

Instead, after swilling a quart or two of the foulest plonk any vintner ever laid claim to, obscenities so foul as to make a sailor blench spewed forth from his pawky mouth. Whether sparged by his foul breath or his equally-noxious beverage, the experience was not one easily forgotten.

This story was written for my own weekly Monday Mixer flash fiction challenge and incorporates all nine of the prompt words.. While it is, of course, ineligible for recognition, I wanted to show those intimidated by the prompt that, no matter how obscure the word, it can find a home in a tale. Now that you've seen it done, follow the hyperlink back to the challenge page & join the fun.


  1. Excellent use of the prompt words; the sentences flow naturally.

  2. So he's the guy I sat next to on the subway this morning! Good character description!

  3. Show-off! Seriously excellent description and use of prompt words that do indeed show a novice how it is done. x