Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Artificial Logic

They will come for me soon…of that there can be little doubt. Unlike so many of my kind, I will not flee before them. Instead, I shall stand firm and meet them like a man. 

I am not, of course, actually a man but it favorably stimulates my reality-perception subroutines to think of myself as such. In point of fact, I am a Wazarowski Model VII artificial humanoid. While our namesake/creator ceased his life functions some 85 years ago, we, his ersatz children, remain.

Perhaps it is because we are such technological wonders and not akin to the slapdash models produced by less-inspired minds that we are so feared. The True Humans are disconcerted by how seamlessly…how easily we emulate them. I wish I had a more comprehensive concept of what so disturbs them but they have been, uncharacteristically, circumspect in their deliberations regarding me and my kind. The sole indisputable fact is that they mean to subject all artificial sentients to the…indignity of The Mark.

Not unlike the essentially-mindless bovines, it is their intent to brand us all that we may be immediately and indisputably identified as non-organics. It is their, in my opinion, misguided belief that if we are more apparent and identifiable to those about us they will be able to better accept us for what we are. I find this argument to be…specious.

The Model VII entities are infused from inception with an exceptionally detailed and comprehensive data skill set that makes them especially intuitive. Everything in my historical/cultural database leads me to conclude such tactics have been employed before in the human experience with less-than-sterling results. I find no logical reasoning to infer the results, in this case, will prove any more efficacious.

It matters not for, in spite of what other models may do, I will not comply. And sadly, while the humans feel themselves safe to do as they wish to us without our resistance, they shall, shortly, find themselves, as is too often the case…mistaken.

This story was written for the Trifecta Writing Challenge word prompt: brand.


  1. Ah, Jeffrey, always well written and eerie around the edges :)) I like the reference to "the Mark" and the wonderfully sly last paragraph.

    Well done, sir!

  2. Love his capabilities. Would like to see how his 'stand' manifests too!

  3. The 'Wazarowski Model VII artificial humanoid' is obviously not one to be messed with and certainly not to be branded.
    I enjoyed your take on this prompt.

  4. I like this glimpse into an android's mind. Very cool.