Friday, September 6, 2013

Child's Work

Amelia pulled the heavy front door closed behind her and placed the sealing charm upon it. She had no doubt that, much like the cantrip of slumber she’d placed upon her family, it would not last as long as she might wish but it would have to do. She was a very young girl and, though she had more arcane potential than any of her family in five generations, her objective was unaccountably dangerous. But, to Amelia, the decision was also infinitely logical. 

For months now, the wards had been failing. The eldritch energy that powered them was not, it would seem, inexhaustible. With each passing day, there was less of a barrier between those she loved and the Deathlands. While there had scarcely been even traces of the nether beasts in her lifetime, her father and her twin brothers had taken down three of the foul creatures in one week. They had even dragged one of the stinking carcasses home for the Supreme Council to peruse. She frowned at how easily that assemblage of doddering old men had discredited the obvious evidence. 

Photo by Scott Liddell
Though her family thought her unaware, Amelia had pierced their concealment spell and listened to their battle plans the night before. She was to be left in the care of servants in the farthest western regions of the family lands. Meanwhile, the entire clan meant to wage battle and seal the Deathlands away with a fresh infusion of power to the wards.

To young Amelia, it seemed placing so many at risk was…unwise. Crossing the bridge that led to the barriers, she seemed quite confident a single small mage, such as herself for instance, could more easily infiltrate where a large group could not. With an involuntary shiver, she only hoped she was correct in her assessment.

This story was written for the weekly Flash Friday Fiction flash fiction photo prompt.

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