Friday, September 27, 2013

Flames Of Defiance

He was the Praetor’s Fist, charged to defend his Master’s honor against all comers. In thrice a hundred battles, he had never failed to dispatch his duties with all the ruthless ferocity of a people renowned throughout all of Imperial Space for their warrior prowess. 

Yet he had never, before today, had to pit his martial skill…his resolve against a warrior of the insectoid Cholgachi species. Eight feet of armored chitin, rending claws and remorseless pincers, they had but recently arrived in the Praetor’s quadrant of space. They had seized over a dozen of his most prized worlds. That insult…that challenge was to be ended today by this battle.

Beaten and bloody he winced as the telepathic probe of the Cholgachi invaded his swirling mind. “Get up, little human. You must have more fight than this in you. I feel certain,surely, you're stronger than you think. Or are you?”

With a hoarse bellow, he rose to his feet, all the pain and fatigue burned away in the fires of e burned away in a  to his feet, all the pain and fatigue burned away in a surge . "ending claws and remorseless piinfinite rage. Shambling forward, he knew only one thing for certain. He might very well die today, but he would be damned if he would do it while being mocked!

This story was written for the weekly Facebook Flash Fiction Friday prompt phrase: You're stronger than you think.

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