Friday, September 6, 2013

Philosophical Interlude

Janx slipped the card into the pocket of his overcoat and turned away from the concierge.

Even now, he understood not the subtle power she had over him. Under her sway, he had first tried to make of himself a better Janx. In her efforts to “enlighten” him, bribery, imprecations and imploring were used with equal ease. When he’d left her…fled…it was for fear he could never become what she believed he should be. After so long, why contact him now? 

Walking to his suite, he could almost forget the troubles that had dogged him so viciously of late…almost. Behind him, a statue stood, a nocked arrow at the ready. He turned and with lightning reflexes reduced it to a pool of melted slag.

Looking at the aftermath, he smiled. Well, sometime a statue is just a statue and sometimes a cryptic summons from an old lover is…a good thing?

This story was written for the weekly Visual Dare flash fiction prompt: implore. As a personal challenge, I have been stringing the prompts from week to week into an ongoing story. This marks the 24th such and previous installments may be found here.

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  1. Hoy crap, you can't leave off there! What happens next? *gnashes teeth*