Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pilot's Way

Of the over three thousand souls aboard the Triumvirate Colony Vessel Haphaestus, he was the only one not securely enshrouded in the computer-controlled sanctuary of a cold sleep alcove. He could not be so protected as his role as Ship’s Pilot required him to be awake…aware…accountable.

While his duties were intended to be, solely, vestigial with all discretionary and substantive decisions to be made by the sentient and omniscient artificial intelligence dubbed Haphaestus Heart such was not destined by the Gods to be. Decimated and destroyed by a rogue meteor shower some 17 shipboard years earlier, the AI had bequeathed to Pilot the welfare of all that remained of their species and then gone entirely and irrevocably off-line.

Driven ever onward by an inescapable sense of duty, Pilot had trusted to instinct alone with each trans-dimensional shunt, every warp-driven burst, any conceivable course change…never resting…never relenting…never conceding…unless and until he had brought the ship into the welcoming orbit of that glorious, shining planetary orb that would offer the undeniable succor and solace his people so richly deserved.

This story was written for the weekly Five Sentence Fiction flash fiction writing prompt: magnetic. 

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  1. I would imagine that "Pilot" could have quite a few adventures along his journey!