Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Tooth Adventures Of Fanny Nightsky Giveaway

I am truly pleased to take some time on my blog today to tout the FREE Amazon giveaway of my wife Lisa McCourt Hollar's delightful illustrated children's book The Tooth Adventures of Fanny Nightsky. Although Lisa has enjoyed amazing success writing gruesome tales of horror, it's not generally known she is an exceptionally talented and inspired author of children's literature as well.

Taking the age-old advice to "write what you know", Lisa draws on her own experiences as a mother to bring to life the true-life story of a real tooth fairy incident. It makes for a very captivating story that has tremendous appeal to children in a very broad age range and makes perfect bedtime fare.

This book was a collaborative effort between Lisa, the illustrator/formatter: Sue Mydliak, and Wendy Howard: supervising editor. All three of these talented souls are members of Visionary Press Cooperative (along with myself). We hope this is only the first of many fun and colorful children's titles we will be offering.

To get your literary tastebuds salivating, here is an excerpt from the book:

Fanny couldn’t believe her luck, as she struggled beneath the heavy pillow, pushing her way back from the grasping hand that had almost wrapped itself around her tiny body. The hand patted the mattress, moving back and forth until it found its prize, a shiny, silver dollar! Clutching its reward, the hand retreated and Fanny could hear the boy’s voice as he leaped from his bed.
“Mom! MOM! The tooth fairy came! Look what she left me!”
Fanny breathed a sigh of relief, sinking back into the fluffy pillow. What, in the name of cotton candy, was this kid doing awake anyway? As if she didn’t know. Slipping out from under the pillow, Fanny headed to the window, looking for her trainee. She had an earful she had to say to him, leaving her stranded in the danger zone, while he flew away to safety.
“Oh there you are Fanny. That was a close one, wasn’t it?”
Closing her eyes, Fanny counted to ten, and then turned towards the pile of toys the voice had come from. “It was only close Zip, because you woke the child up.”

“It wasn’t my fault Fanny! He had a fairy trap set up!”
Fanny prayed for patience, and then continued her lecture. “They all have fairy traps. Every child wants to catch the tooth fairy. That’s no excuse for clumsiness!”
“I’m sorry Fanny,” Zip said, hanging his head. “I’ll do better at the next house.”
Fanny sighed. That was the same thing he had said at the last house, and the house before that, and the house before that. He’d been saying it all night long, with no hope in sight of it ever being true. Why did she have to be the one to get Zip as her Fairy In Training? He was the clumsiest F.I.T in the history of F.I.T’s. Even worse than Wiz and she had been pretty bad.
Fanny heard the sound of the boy’s feet heading back to his room. Judging by how fast they were moving, he must have realized he hadn’t checked his trap and was hurrying to see if he’d caught a fairy. Grabbing Zip’s arm, Fanny slipped under the crack in the window, pulling him behind.
“Try to keep up Zip,” Fanny said, her wings moving faster than usual. “We are way behind schedule; we have to step it up if we are going to finish by morning.”

The Tooth Adventures of Fanny Nightsky will be free on Amazon Kindle during the promotion.
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  1. Sounds like a great read! Can't wait! Congrats to Lisa and all involved.

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