Friday, October 25, 2013

Futility Defined

When The Clouds Roll By (1919) - Public Domain

That the brain of his long-time manservant and surgical assistant, Ludovic, was, by several orders of magnitude, more evolved and infinitely unique than that of any other exemplar of his species was an indisputable fact that Dr. Wilhelm Krupp had never succeeded in properly explaining to the benighted soul.

As Ludovic retained no memories of his youth, owing to the very refinements that allowed him to function as highly as he did in comparison to his peers, Krupp quite understood the inexplicable confusion his helper must feel every single day. 

When dear, foolish Ludovic viewed his reflection in a mirror, he could not comprehend, while the young man staring back at him bore no unusual appearance to that of any of millions of other such men, the brain behind that plain, homely face had originally resided within the cranial chamber of…an orangutan.

Given the singular nature of his intellect and the…purloined body in which it resided, it was quite undeniable that any undue notice of Ludovic could…nay, would prove disastrous to them both. Sighing at the sheer lack of effect his latest attempts to enlighten his prodigy had yielded, he wondered if something as pedestrian as banana crepes might, once again, console the lovable brute?

This story was written for the weekly !Flash Friday Fiction flash fiction writing challenge based on the photo prompt. 


  1. Oh man, banana crepes, that'll get me. Great take on the photo prompt, and a sharp flash. Big smiles.

  2. I agree with David. Really original and v. entertaining.