Friday, October 25, 2013

Having It Out

Bertram had always considered himself to be an even-tempered individual not given to excessive displays of emotion or unwarranted complaints. The fact was that, no matter how determined one was to not allow the actions of others to negatively affect their mood, there were certain indignities…definite acts of impropriety that could certainly not be ignored, if one were a creature of any sort of principles. 

He and Cedric had enjoyed not only a professional but a personal relationship for more years than either of them would care to contemplate and yet, in spite of all of that, his partner…his confidante…his friend had seen fit to commit an act so unspeakably beyond the constraints of acknowledged decorum that it fairly cried out for some response on his part.

A cornerstone of their working careers had been that Cedric ran and Bertram chased within very rigid and unyielding parameters of mutual understanding. That the insufferable rodent had chosen last night to cavort willy-nilly about their mutual residence a full hour after what was, indisputably, the accepted conclusion of their business day was an insult so grievous Bertram was willing to wait all day, if necessary, outside his associate’s residence for the unavoidable confrontation they must needs have.

This story was written for the weekly Five Sentence Fiction flash fiction writing prompt: determination. 

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