Friday, October 11, 2013

Humanity's Call

Copyright - Sandra Crook
It was in this arena of crumbling, forgotten stone, the finest warriors of Humanity had pitted their indomitable will against the ruthless ferocity of their oppressors. They had fought, not for accolades or acclaim, but merely for their inalienable right to live unfettered and not as thralls to the insectoid Cholgachi.

That Mankind had failed was bitterly remembered by all. What had been forgotten, by all but a few, was the fire, the passion, the call to live free. The boy had not forgotten and only awaited the day when he would be old enough to sound that call again.

This story was written for the weekly Friday Fictioneers flash fiction photo prompt. 


  1. Loved that they were fighting against the Insectoids! Such high toned writing too....

  2. Nicely done, Jeffrey!