Friday, October 11, 2013

True Love's Choice

When Tristan began the quest to find his beloved, Imelda, he had little reason to believe he would succeed or whether, when he did find her, she would not have been irrevocably damaged by the magic of the evil Queen.e he would succeed or whether, when he d His stalwart knights would not follow him, in this case, as they saw no hope of any outcome that would not leave their commander a broken and grieving man and none of them had the strength of character to wish to observe such a thing. Thus, he went forth alone…armored in faith and hope and armed with his wits, his skills and the strength of his will to persevere.

The Temple of the Forest Gods had always been a legend and, yet, it was in that place of legends…in that land of magical impossibility and primordial power that he, at length, returned to the solace and embrace of his one true love. Though she was cursed to forever remain in the form of a swan, Tristan thought her to be an exceptionally fetching and beautiful example of such and, accordingly, felt no regret in relinquishing his own humanity if that was the price to be paid for lifelong happiness.

This story was written for the weekly Five Sentence Fiction flash fiction writing prompt: enrapture. 

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  1. You packed a lot into those five sentences! I like the story!
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