Friday, November 8, 2013

Belief Rewarded

Fairy Walking Bridge Photo by - Jesse Varner
Brightwing realized she would be punished, perhaps severely, for violating one of the most sacred of her people’s laws, and yet she could not have done differently in bringing her new friend, Mary Margaret, to the very gates of the Hidden Kingdom. A soul so wondrous and special, residing in a body so frail and neglected, deserved so much better than she had known in her brief life.

No matter how many times her mother was too intoxicated to feed or care for her, the child still dreamed of fantastical things. No matter how many times her father stayed out all night, carousing and gambling away his meager earnings, the girl never ceased to believe that mythical beings imbued with Magic were real.

And so, regardless of the consequences, Brightwing decided Mary Margaret deserved to see that all the things she could only dream of were, in fact, quite real.

This story was written for the weekly Flash! Friday Fiction flash fiction writing challenge photo prompt.  

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