Friday, January 24, 2014

Family Wisdom

Luke shielded his eyes from the desert sunlight, reassuring himself from the road there was no chance anyone might observe his handiwork before it would be too late to matter to Charity.

On some level he regretted how things had played out but dammit the girl had nobody to blame but herself. It wasn’t so much he missed the physical relationship with her. He’d been having at her since her ma had run off 12 years ago and she wasn’t near as enjoyable a ride as she’d once been.

It was the insolence of her in thinking she could run off and live how she wished without his say so. Well, she’d led him a merry chase but she should have known better than to think he wouldn’t follow her or eventually find her.

Now, Luke’s own daddy had been a flat out bastard but for once he had actually heeded the old fool’s advice. His dad had told him when a problem come along there wasn’t any point in trying to sugar-coat it. Luke had to agree on that which is why, when he staked Charity out for the critters, honey seemed like so much better a choice. 

This story was written for the weekly Flash Fiction Friday prompt: sugar-coat

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