Friday, January 24, 2014

Forbidden Souvenir

Calming himself, Basil realized he had gravely underestimated the zealous fervor the guardians of the device would exhibit. The weapon he had been forced to use, a relic of the Dead Times, had so obliterated the sentinels as to leave behind no trace of them whatsoever. He hoped.

To use the Temporal Translation Module was absolutely forbidden but use it he would. Since he had been a boy his father had told him of the world and its beauty before the Dead Times and created in him an unassailable sorrow he would never know these wonders.

Now that his father had passed, Basil was no longer content to let those stories be his only link to those times of legend. Setting the coordinates to the proper date, time, and place he went in search of his destiny. Moments later and decades away he stepped out to survey the empty plaza in search of a suitable memento to return home with. 

Public domain photo

This story was written for the weekly Flash! Friday flash fiction challenge photo prompt and extra prompt: destiny. 

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