Friday, January 31, 2014


Tegan completed his impromptu self-inspection satisfied he hadn’t broken anything on landing. It would seem Tech Branch still hadn’t worked out the glitch with transporting to precise coordinates. His first indication of such was when the vintage automobile materialized five meters above rather than at street level.

The resounding crash had wrought permanent and irreconcilable damage to his transportation. Were that not enough of an impediment to the successful resolution of his mission, the noise had attracted a growing crowd of very curious onlookers. Any chance of maintaining a covert presence and minimizing contact with the locals was unquestionably gone.

He was startled by the clanging bells he knew indicated the imminent arrival of this era’s law enforcement officers. There was no good way for this to end.
Paradox be damned, he thought. Reaching into his vest he activated his trans-dimensonal telephone. He needed extraction now! Let the clean-up crew figure out how to get rid of the damned automobile.

This story was written for the weekly Flash! Friday Fiction challenge photo prompt. 

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