Friday, January 17, 2014

Project Hermes

Public domain photo by Chraecker

Transfixed by the withering gaze of Colonel Jesik , the commanding officer of the Special Weapons Branch, the director of Project Hermes fidgeted nervously.

“I was not aware the Imperium had provided you boundless resources and such considerable manpower to construct an amusement park attraction, Director. Where is the wondrous device you spoke of that shall, as you wrote, ‘infinitely augment’ our soldiers’ abilities to conduct the war?”

“I assure you while the Hermes hardware looks a bit…unconventional, once our men have undergone the procedure their speed, strength and reflexes will be nearly beyond belief,” the Director stammered.

“And have you any proof of your claims, good doctor?”

Reaching behind him, the scientist removed a small desert turtle from a specially-reinforced box. “I can only present this test subject, Colonel, who yesterday completed a five-mile obstacle course in but three minutes and 17 seconds.”

The disbelieving shock on the Colonel’s face made all of the Director’s unease melt swiftly away.

This story was written for the weekly Flash! Friday flash fiction challenge photo prompt. As an added challenge, the tale was required to incorporate either a tiger or a turtle. 

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