Friday, February 14, 2014

Dimensional Difficulties

Kolmanskop, CC photo by Damien du Toit

Emerging through the portal, Andrew moaned with disappointment. The dilapidated conditions of the room and the shifting sands within left him little doubt he had failed to reach his desired location.

He recognized the place as one of the temporary structures constructed to house the project’s research staff. What he had no way of knowing was when or in what alternative dimension this version of the building stood?

Clearly, the modifications he and Sanders had made to account for cosmic drift during transit were as-yet flawed. His wristwatch had ceased to function and thus he had no idea how long he had been gone.

Marshalling his strength, he rose and stumbled towards the next portal. With a myriad of alternative realities to explore, he knew the sooner he carried on the sooner he could get back to his work. It might take a thousand more transits, but he knew doubt and despair would never accomplish what persistence and perseverance could.

This story was written for the weekly Flash! Friday Fiction photo and word prompt: patience. 

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