Friday, February 21, 2014

Doctrine Be Damned

Parachutist @ Ft. Lewis. Public Domain Image

Conventional special operations doctrine held doing a covert insertion was best done under cover of darkness. The preferred method a HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) drop. Such a method greatly decreased the odds of the delivery aircraft being detected as well as providing the paratrooper maximum opportunity to select a secure landing site. So much for conventional doctrine, Zed mused as he bailed out of the door.

When he’d been tapped for this mission, the briefing had made it clear there was no time for delay. The eco-terrorists at the logging camp had no interest in negotiating their demands. They could and would shed blood if their demands were not met by the deadline.

Thus, Zed would be deploying in broad daylight with no backup…no on-ground assets. His mission? Exterminate the threat with extreme prejudice and free the hostages.

Spiraling in for his landing, he allowed himself a wry chuckle. Yeah, he was definitely getting too old for this stuff.

This story was written for the weekly Flash! Friday Fiction flash fiction photo prompt and special word prompt: aging.

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